Sunday, August 30, 2009

Neighbours rock!

We officially have the best neighbours! We have had piles and piles of vegetation that I have cleared from the garden sitting around for a very long time. Unfortunately our council is not like our old council (North Sydney) and they don't collect vegetation. Instead you have to take it to the tip and pay per trailer load, as well as all the petrol used getting to and from the tip.

Unless you have neighbours like ours! They know this farmer a few blocks from our house who likes the vegetation for his cows, lambs and goats to eat ....... and they have a trailer. So yesterday morning they just rocked up to our place and took a trailer load of our vegetation off to this guy ....... in the rain! Naturally half an hour later the sun came out. That is dedication for you!

Now that we have been introduced to this farmer, we can now go and "dump" at his house as well. Sweet! Now if you saw this guys house, "dump" is a pretty good description of it!

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