Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Master 2 the monster

Not long after Madeline was born the Early Childhood nurse asked me how Master 2 had reacted to his new sister. We had been so blessed with the best reaction possible - complete adoration! She warned me to look out around the three month mark as toddlers realise that number two is there go stay and they can muck up.

So three months passes by with adoration growing everyday, putting that theory to bed. Until four months heralds itself. Master 2 suddenly turns into a roaring monster!

He goes around making tiger sounds, which scares Madeline. He waits for her reaction and then makes the noises even louder! Cheeky tiger!

Poor Madeline's head has also been subjected to thumps by various objects, including a wooden helicopter and a hard cover book. A few whacks by hand come her way every now, disguised by a tickle! Hmmmmm.

Despite all of this, she still looks at Master 2 with starry eyes! She loves her big brother.

Don't get me wrong, the kisses and cuddles from Master 2 far outweigh the taunts and thumps, but the monster within needs to toddle off until she can stand up for herself!

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