Friday, August 7, 2009

New freedom - yippee!!

You probably won't share my excitement with me unless you are a mum with two children and a single pram, but I found a new freedom this week - the buggy board!!

When we had Jackson, we faced the dilemma on what pram to get but opted for the Mountain Buggy (no toddler seat) over the Phil & Ted's (toddler seat option) as we liked the Mountain Buggy so much more. We thought when the time came for number 2, we would assess the situation and sell the MB if needs be.

So when Madeline arrived, we decided to see how we went without getting a double pram and we have survived over four months now without needing as Jackson likes to walk everywhere! But there are just times when I would like to get places a little faster! So out I went this week and bought a Buggy Board - a toddler skateboard that connects to the back of the pram! It also doubles as a little seat if Jackson wants to sit for a minute.

Jackson loves it.......and mummy loves it even more!! I can now go for walks with the two kids, get around shopping centres much quicker and I didn't have to spent lots of money on getting another pram! Very happy indeed - well worth every cent I paid for it!

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