Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bargains galore!

Since I have lived in the Southern Highlands, I have now been converted into an online shopper. While we have a lot of things down here, there are just some things you cant get ......... like my brand of shampoo.

But I have turned into a bargain online shopper and have been impressed with some of my recent purchases. I just bought Madeline's summer wardrobe on the Pumpkin Patch esale, with some gorgeous dresses and tops at a fraction of the retail price, with dresses reduced from $32 to $12 ............. bargain!

Next stop was the Britt sale on the Ozsale website. Britt stuff is gorgeous, but I certainly wouldn't pay retail for it! So I stocked up on gorgeous Britt bears for new babies on the way and jackets for Madeline for next winter. I paid $15 for the jacket, which I saw in a shop the other day for $80! Now I call that a bargain!

Yes I may be a bit slow of the mark as I have always liked going to the shops and seeing what I buy, but where there is a bargain to be had, I am there!

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