Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting bugged by the bugs

When your kid starts day care all you hear about is the amount of bugs they pick up ......... followed by how great it is for building their immune systems.

The first part couldn't be more true with any and every bug finding their way home! Can you tell that I got struck down with another bug this morning ........ so needed an opportunity to whinge!!

17 months on I'm still waiting for the last part to happen. Just as one bug goes another lands and spreads around the family! It wasn't so bad until we added another little Keen to the family, who picks up these bugs. Her first was at four weeks, which turned into bronchitus. It isn't nice having one so young sick!

Whinging aside, what is interesting though is that there were reports that came out just a few weeks after Jackson started daycare, which suggested that kids attending day care or playgroups are at a lower risk of developing leukaemia.

Good or bad I just wish these damn bugs would go away!!

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