Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can Tiger Woods ever be a sporting legend ever again?

It is amazing how such a prominent and seemingly indestructible and perfect sportsman's reputation can so quickly get shredded so publicly. But the question remains, if it wasn't for that one single car crash that generated so much attention in the first place, would these so called 19 mistresses have unfolded? Would his career gone down the gurgler in one night?

So can he ever regain his career after this? His reputation has been severely tarnished and sponsors have run 500 miles in the other direction. Can good sporting prowess alone get him back on track to become a golfing legend again?

I guess only time will tell ............ and whether he ever comes out of hiding.

Happy Australia Day

This Australia Day marks a year (+2 days) since we moved to the Southern Highlands and the second year we have ventured into Berrima to celebrate Australia Day. After spending many Australia Days on and around Sydney Harbour, it was great to see how a real community gathers together to celebrate.

Citizenship and Australia Day honour ceremonies in the Court House kicked off festivities, celebrating the new and outstanding members within our community.

The grand parade transformed the main street through Berrima into a centre stage for the local community to show off its best – marching bands, vintage car clubs, rural fire service among other groups marched proudly. Berrima’s Australia Day celebrations certainly know how to gather patriotic crowds.

Other activities kept the crowds fed and entertained all day, with many food and market stalls, music by the Correction Services band and my son’s favourite – the animal barnyard.

With temperatures rising to the mid-30s, water and shade were in demand!

A great day was had by all, with many heading to the Surveyor General to celebrate with a nice cold beer or three in true Australia Day style.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it is already 2010 ...... even harder to believe that the Sydney Olympics was almost 10 years ago!

Last year was a massive year for the Keens - we relocated from Sydney to Mittagong, had Madeline (now nine months), Paul changed jobs, my dad had two heart attacks and we finally got rid of our Kennards Hire fence! Eventful to say the least!

I am hoping 2010 will be little less eventful .......... but fantastic all the same!