Thursday, October 30, 2008

Travelling OS With Young Kids - Does It Get Easier??

My family and I are heading to the US next year for a family wedding - this is our first time travelling OS with two very young children. 

We knew it was always going to be difficult travelling with a seven week old baby and a two year old toddler, but we didn't realise how much of a nightmare it would become ........... and we haven't even left yet!!  

Where we are going (North Carolina), there is no direct flight from LA or San Francisco, so from Sydney we have to take three flights to get there and three back. So to do the whole leg will take almost 30 hours!

At this stage thinking about this number of flights and the length of time was conjuring up images of terrible tantrums from a big Mr 2, trying to keep him entertained for almost 30 hours of travel, a screaming newborn and little patience from two parents with no sleep! Then there is the lugging around all of the luggage, prams and other associated baby stuff around various airports, and trying to squeeze in newborn feeds every three hours, not to mention trying to keep some level of sanity.

To add to the planning fun, just as we were starting to book all of this, the Aussie dollar decided to take a major plunge. Suddenly everything became that much more expensive! Adding to this, Mr 2 will be a month over getting a free ride, so his flights alone were going to cost over $3,000. Ouch!!

Our solution ........ after a few Panadols....... the trip has been somewhat changed to maintain some level of sanity. The most important factor: Mr 2 will now be staying behind in Australia with the grandparents for two weeks! 

If anyone has fabulous tips for traveling with small kids, I would love to hear!