Thursday, August 6, 2009

Strange happenings

There is a bizarre mystery that is really bugging me at the moment. Madeline's activity mat (which was of course Jackson's activity mat) has always played three tunes - each by Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin. The mat is now over two years old and has always played the same three songs, over and over and over and over again! There is a separate button to push for each composer. Lights have also moved around the mat in time with the music.

That is until recently. The battery is running very low on the mat and for some reason no longer plays those same three songs that it has so tirelessly played. Instead it now plays three new entirely different classical songs.......songs that have never, ever, ever blasted out of the mat before. The old songs have just disappeared!

Added to the music, the lights now decide to come on when the music is turned off and don't work when the music is turned on.

Now I hear you saying, "are you sure it isn't the same songs just playing really, really slow." Oh no, no, no - completely new songs!!

It is actually refreshing to have new songs after hearing the other ones so many times.

Either someone thought they would play a lovely practical joke on me when they manufactured the mat, or maybe the mat is supposed to play different songs and just hasn't until now, or the devil is out to get me! Who knows?? I could just change the batteries as well and see what happens!

Either way, this is a mystery that is perplexing me at the moment!

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