Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back on board!

Yes that's right! Here I am again after fighting the swines ....... well so we had convinced ourselves! The Keenos were all struck down this past week with a really horrible case of the flu, and the battle ain't over just yet unfortunately.

But I am pleased to report my brain is functioning again and ready to release more crap from the depths of the core!

Since I shut down for duties so much has happened. A dog rocking up at home with a human leg, lots of plane crashes, more Kyle Sandilands trashing, Woodstock 40th anniversary and summer weather taking over winter!!

One of the biggest disappointments of the week is news that Judith Lucy has replaced Hughesy on Rove. If there is one comedian (if you can call her that!) who I can't stand, it is Judith Lucy. The loathing goes back to The Late Show days ........ 16 years of hatred. What was Rove thinking?! The woman doesn't have a funny bone in her body. Sigh!

Anyway, that's a wrap from me. Catch you next time.

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