Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You know you no longer live in Sydney when.......

1) You can actually see stars in the sky.......thousands and thousands of them!
2) The Woolworths checkout guy offers to help you to your car with the shopping (OK I was 8 months pregnant, but still!!)....and there were at least three people waiting in queue behind me!
3) You go to buy a ticket in the biggest lottery in Australian history ($106 million) and there is no queue at all!
4) The only way to get seafood is to buy it off the back of a truck......literally!! Fresh from the coast!
5) You get stressed if you can't get a parking spot right outside your destination.
6) You have to have a five minute conversation with anyone and everyone.
7) You meet someone at the park, who just happens to know the person you met a month ago at the play centre, who knows another person you met at the park about three months ago.....and so on!
8) Dogs have two heads...OK maybe not, but you never know around here!!
9) You can park your car at the station all night without being stolen, keyed or broken into.
10) You can take your car to get something fixed and it only takes an hour, rather than a whole freakin day!
11) They will also drop you off at the shopping centre while you wait and then pick you up!! Now that's service!!
12) NRMA comes in five minutes!
13) The most amazing array of birds hangout in your backyard and no magpies or mynor birds in sight!!
14) You can still buy golliwogs!!

I could go on......but my brain has gone to sleep and I think you've probably read enough by now!

There are some things that never change though........

1) Old people still give you the death stare when your toddler chucks a tantrum in the shopping centre!
2) Maccas is always packed
3) Blokes that drive SS Holden Utes are still idiots!
4) Coffee is just as great!

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Belinda said...

Hey, Emma, 'tis I, your old neighbour. I am sitting in your old office laughing at this link to your blog that Ewen just sent me - my class blogs are called "The Daley Grind" which is a lame attempt at last name humour.

Your new baby looks beautiful! :) Glad to see you are happy down South.