Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Throw away the key!

Last week I wrote about a couple in the US who tried to sell a five year old girl to child pornographers, which horrified me. Sadly, I have since read plenty more terrible crime stories against children, with a toddler and child found dumped yesterday in a garbage bin in the US; a mother who mutilated and cannibalised her three week old son in the US and a mother in Australia who encouraged her 13 year old disabled daughter to engage in indecent acts, photographing her naked and sexually penetrating her with a sex toy.

As a mother, it makes me sick to think that people can actually carry out these crimes on such innocent and unknowing children. Actually, whether a mother or not I would still be just as horrified. These gorgeous beings have done nothing wrong other than simply been born. Let these parents rot in jail and throw away the key!

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