Saturday, July 11, 2009

Riding the rollercoaster

Today I am reflecting on a what was a very mixed emotional rollercoaster day yesterday.

From what started out as a normal Friday of play dates, tantrums and caffeine, turned into a day of elation and shock.

I became an auntie for the third time to little Oliver Andrew Keen - a gorgeous little baby boy for Paul's brother Martin and his wife Donna. The little man must have been in a rush and decided to come a few days early. Another little Keen boy! Congrats guys!

A little after I found out about the baby, I also found out my dad had been rushed to hospital after having a heart attack. He is doing much better thankfully, but he is still in a critical phase in intensive care. He has to go and have an angiogram, which will determine the next course of action. It has certainly given us a great scare. No doubt it has shaken dad up a lot – time for him to slow down and take better care of himself!

Any positive thoughts are appreciated for a speedy recovery!


Geoff said...

What a day! If it's positive thoughts you're looking for there are plenty coming from this side of the world. Give your dad our love and tell him, and your mum, we’re thinking of them.

Please keep us updated

Pat & Geoff

Anonymous said...

Do you know that I read that and didn't even know about Uncle Ian!! Dad sucks!! There have been words had.. He said your Dad is home now which is good news. Hopefully his recovery continues well. Give him our best wishes. Lots of love Em!! Love Jessica xox