Friday, June 18, 2010

Bitchy, sly and exciting - another series of Amazing Race is over!

Sad as it is I actually missed watching The Amazing Race this week. The series finale was last week with the gay brothers winning, with a few cunning ....... but smart moves in the final legs. I was secretly hoping the cowboys would win - so close but no cigar!

But the highlight had to be the scornful lesbians who couldn't move on from the fact that they were road blocked by the models. So rather than celebrating a great achievement of the "not so smart" models making third spot on the finishing line, the lesbians let the loose on the Miss South Carolina beauty queen. Boohoo life is not fair - c'mon move on ladies! It is not as if you could have won anyway.

But the real reason for this post is to use this as an excuse to share the beauty queen's ever so famous speech she made as Miss South Carolina a number of years ago, which continues to haunt her and will for the rest of her life.........and for good reason. Just in case you have never ever seen it - it is priceless. So enjoy!

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