Friday, June 25, 2010

Australia's first female PM!

Interesting times in Australia this week with KRudd ousted out of power as Australia's leader, replaced with Australia's first female PM - Julia Gillard. I think the whole nation has been taken surprise as this wasn't the result of an election, rather a Labor party overthrow - and it came with little warning. One day KRudd was in power, then next Gillard.

Many are excited that a woman is finally running the country. This certainly is history in the making! What remains to be seen though once all the excitement has settled, is whether she is the right person to lead this country and whether she can keep Labor in power once election time comes around ........... which could be as early as August.

Rightly so, Gillard is keen to be elected by the Australian public to make it official - and it will be interesting to see if she does. There are of course many differing opinions across the country - I think that many are still in complete shock and not sure what to make of it all yet.

KRudd gave the most emotional speech of his life in his farewell to the Australian public. Whether you like or dislike him, you would have to have a heart of steel not to feel a little sorry for him. Not the way you want to lose your job!

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