Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New and improved Master 2

Picture this .............. you turn up to a hairdresser with Master 2 and he starts screaming as soon as they put the cape on him. You can only imagine what he is like once they squirt water on his head, start cutting and the clincher - the clippers on the back of the head and around the ears. 

The only way to get the job done is to physically restrain Master 2 and hold him with all your might on your lap with his face in your chest, while he kicks and screams.  

Well I am glad to say, that is a thing of the past (I hope!). May I introduce you to the new and improved version, who sat like an angel with no tears to be seen, content with a lollypop in his mouth (gathering hair mind you!) and an occasional smile. 

It must be a different child I hear you say. Well to my complete surprise - no!! Master 2 has been reformed. 

OK maybe I shouldn't talk too soon - it may have been a one off wonder, but I feel relieved for the hairdresser, myself and Master 2 himself. Time to move on!!

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Geoff said...

Wow, what a relief that must be. Thanks for all the pictures and tales of Jackson & Madeline, they always make my day.