Friday, May 28, 2010

Will I ever find the gadget geek inside me?

So the new iPad launched in Australia this morning to a huge amount of hype and excitement. People cued outside the Apple stores in Sydney overnight to be one of the first in Australia to get their hands on one. 

Apple also launched its new store in Bondi Junction on the same morning - ambitious maybe, but from all accounts was a huge success.

I am an Apple fan by all accounts - proudly owning a MacBook, an iPhone, an iTouch and various iPods. It would be fantastic to own an iPad as well ......... but I just don't get why you need to queue in the freezing cold and lose precious sleep just to be the FIRST to have one, when you could wait until a decent hour and walk into JB Hi-Fi and get one in 5 minutes on the same day. Do they really think anyone else cares that they are one of the first to get a copy? 

Crazy I tell you ...... crazy! Maybe I haven't found the inner gadget geek in me yet ........ waiting to be unleashed perhaps? Hardly!

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