Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Considering consulting or freelancing?

It has been a very long time in between posts - sorry!

The last few months have been incredibly busy with my business stepping up a notch. It has been a challenging juggle attempting to fit around the kids, who are only in daycare two days a week. It has meant many late nights of working once the kids go to sleep and a few boring weekends, but these are the things you have to do if you want to run a business and have a good balance with kids.

While I am not actively looking for work, the work seems to be finding me at the moment. I guess a nice position to be in, but it is often hard to say no too.

But I have been lucky that I know so many wonderful professionals that I have been able to refer a lot of the work to that I can't take on.

For anyone considering marcoms or PR consulting or freelancing, there is an abundance of work out there and doesn't seem to be letting up.

It just shows how valuable your network of contacts are!

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