Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Powderfinger to end on a high note!

Sad news this week with the announcement that Powderfinger have called it a day! The end of a fantastic era for a brilliant Australian band who have entertained us for over fifteen years. 

My memories of Powderfinger go back to my uni days, when all I did was see bands, wear doc boots, long black skirts and band -t-shirts, with hair down to my waist! One of my fav t-shirts was my Powderfinger one with "Skinny jean loves Brazilian roast beans" on it, which I got during a concert at Narrabeen Sands.  

Double Allergic was a brilliant album that put Powderfinger on the radar. DAF, skinny jean and pick you up ...... oh the memories.  Parables for Wooden Ears actually came out two years beforehand in 1994 but never had a single that grabbed. Still a great album though!

From there came a raft of brilliant albums and singles that have kept a loyal following until now.

During Powderfinger's hiatus in 2005, Bernard Fanning began his solo music career with an album that would be in my top ten album's of all time - Tea & Sympathy. Unlike Powderfinger's alternative rock focus, Fanning's solo style is a mixture of blues and acoustic folk. Brilliant! Hopefully we haven't heard the last of Bernard Fanning too!

For more details about the breakup and final tour dates click here: Powderfinger to breakup

Thanks for some great music and fantastic times Powderfinger!

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