Friday, September 5, 2008

My latest addiction!

Hi! My name is Emma! And I have an word puzzles of all things!

I have always enjoyed crossword puzzles and games like Scrabble.  And now, ever since the introduction of Facebook, I have taken on the responsibility of giving Scrabulous (now Word Scraper), Word Twist, Scramble and Pathwords a good work out!

What is is about these games that have me so hooked? They are after all a little more interactive than a good old crossword puzzle. Maybe it is my twisted competitive nature, which can't get enough of trying to beat my friends at something!!

Who knows! But I do like to believe what I read in an article in Newsweek in the US: "Some experts are even asserting that it can lower your blood pressure, relieve stress - even make you smarter. It might just be the least-harmful addiction around."

1 comment:

Koka Sexton said...

I am completely addicted to Pathwords also.