Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Ever So Helpful and Very Organised ATO!

I got a letter from the ATO in May 2007 telling me that they had transferred money in August 2006 into an old superannuation account of mine on behalf of a company I once worked for. Good to see that it took them almost nine months to actually inform me!!

The problem is that I closed that super account some time before they transferred the money. 

In true Emma form, it has taken me until June 2008 to actually track down my money. My previous super provider actually sent the money back to the ATO in August 2006 as the account was closed. So even though the money went back to the ATO immediately, the ATO still sent me a letter nine months later telling me that they had sent the money to the old account.

You would think in nine months they would have their paperwork sorted and send me a letter or call me to find out where I would like the money to go. 

It reminds me of dealing with Immigration!!

So naturally I had to sit through 27 minutes of revolving crap on the phone to actually speak with someone about it! I love dealing with the government!

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